Let’s get ready to ramble!

Welcome to my blog! Against all good advice I’m going to try and not really specialise in one particular topic. This is partly because I’ve got a lot of ideas and just wanted to share my thoughts on lots of different things, but also because the things I’d consider myself some kind of ‘expert’ in are the things that tend to just make me rant, and no one wants to read constant rants. So I guess what I’m saying is get ready for the random rambling of an absolute gobshite.

Hope you enjoy!

“You can over-egg the pudding, Graham” – one of my ex-bosses


Author: middleagefanclub

Man, husband, dad, teacher, coach, Geordie. Former street dancing champion of Tyne and Wear, guinea pig whisperer, developer of the best-selling fragrance, Pizzazz and alleged liar. Ex male model and a devilish raconteur. No challenge should be faced without a little charm and a lot of style.

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